About Us

Three Rivers IPMS is a scale modeling club in Pittsburgh PA. This site has important news about club events and items of interest to local modelers. You can also find us on Facebook at

The club holds TRICON - a model contest - every spring, next year's show will be March 9th, 2024.

TRICON 2024 - Rules



  1. The contest is open to all modelers; membership in IPMS/USA is not required to enter.
  2. Model registration closes promptly at 1:00PM. Once the registration desk closes no more models will be allowed in to the contest.
  3. The contest is open to all models except those receiving an award (Gold, Silver or Bronze medal) at a previous TRICON event. Previous award winning models can be used as part of a diorama. Models that have received awards at any other show or contest can be entered at TRICON.
  4. The Contest Chairman may decline to accept an entry that is considered offensive, lewd, or in poor taste, or otherwise in violation of IPMS USA Rule 5. Decisions of the Contest Chairman are final.
  5. Entries may be made of any material and may use any commercial parts or materials.
  6. Pre-painted models are only allowed in the Junior category.
  7. Dust covers can be left on during judging, however it may put the model at a disadvantage if it limits the judges ability to see and evaulate the model.
  8. Categories: Because TRICON is an Open Judged event there are relatively few categories and the right category to enter a model in is usually obvious. The Contest Chairman will decide if an entry is in the wrong class and ask for the entrant to move it. If the model is not moved it will not be judged.
  9. Dioramas and bases: A single model on a base that is not significantly larger than the model itself, and where the base does not obstruct the view of the model can be entered in a regular category regardless of any additional groundwork, structure, figures, etc. on the base, but the base and extras will not be judged. The same model can be entered in the Diorama category where the base and storyline of the piece will be judged. A base that is significantly larger than a model, or that blocks the view of the model (e.g. a partially buried or overgrown vehicle) must be entered in the Diorama category.
  10. Models are judged using the IPMS USA guidelines, and ranked into Gold/Silver/Bronze/No-Award using the criteria developed by Three Rivers IPMS. As in all IPMS events, the emphasis of judging is basic construction and finishing. Scratchbuilding, super detailing, accurization, etc. are only considered for models that first demonstrate a high level of basic craftsmanship.
  11. Models will not be picked up during the judging process, but may be gently moved around the table top for better visibility. If your model is displayed on a base, please leave a note indicating if the model is or is not attached to the base
  12. All visible areas of the model will be judged. Judges may use flashlights and dental mirrors to improve visibility and non-contact measuring tools to check for straightness and level, but are not to use magnifying devices of any type.
  13. All judges decisions are final. Any attempts by a contestant to influence the judging will result in immediate disqualification of all the contestant's entries.
  14. Three Rivers IPMS, its members, agents, and officers assume no liability or responsibility in case of accidents involving attendees, equipment, merchandise, models, or displays or for property lost, stolen, or damaged during the show.